2 responses to “Greatest exercise of democracy”

  1. D.P.Kumar

    Shameful to copy-paste rumours of Statesman, a known enemy of democracy and Communism.
    You hav’nt seen how BJP/VHP does elsewhere. You have no regrets at Bihar, UP, Orissa and Jarkhand. You love Naxalites joining hands with Trinamool. The join hands for which type of democracy?
    Instead of hate-campaign, just go closer and have a real look at the personalities like Jyoti Basu. In which party do you find a sitting Chief Minister ( why? even a minister or MLA) leave the seat telling he may not be able to do justice to the seat due to age and health reasons? Did Vajapayee leave his gaddi even if he was not able to walk properly?
    Selfish are they, whom you may be adoring as your ideals! No wonder for prejudiced minds.

  2. Alan Smith

    People choose their leader by voting but in most of the countries, most of the leaders don’t listen people problems after leading position to rule the country but it is absolutely wrong thing if the country is democratic.