22 responses to “Get Free Acces to Lynda.com Video Tutorials”

  1. Dreamchaser

    Hi Pallab,

    Thats a good find I must commit, I am a diehard fan of Lynda.com and when it comes free. Well I take it for granted 😛

    Thanks again for the link !

    -= Dreamchaser =-

    1. maulik

      Hi Pl Suggest me How to access Lynda.com all Videos and tutorials

  2. jeba

    Thanks pally for sharing it 😀

  3. Mohammed Muchhala

    Thankx Mate 🙂

  4. bkaraff

    when you go into “View Page Info”, go to the Media tab and select “Save As…”

  5. Pallab

    Yes, that also works.Thanks for pointing it out.

  6. Lee

    If you go to the FAQ page, you will see that it is NOT legal to download the movies.

  7. joe

    when i download it and try to open it from my desktop, it just opens and sits there like there is no information in the file. can someone give me some help?

  8. Pallab

    By which method did you download it?
    You need to have quicktime player (or quicktime alternative) installed.

  9. aamir

    it dint worked yar. can i knw how to either watch online or download frm lynda.com plz let me knw

  10. mohsin

    i want to download lynda tutorial can i use torrnetz or rapidshare for that

  11. Aristu

    please anyone provide me way to download from lynda.com if i m not subscribe it….

  12. azhdias

    Promotion Expired, could you give another ways to download from lynda.com? thnks alot

    1. qsito

      you should still be able to get a 24 hour trial for lynda, I just used it yesterday. See here: http://www.lynda.com/promo/trial/Default.aspx?lpk35=240

      1. Tauseef Khan

        Hi,The link you provided ( http://www.lynda.com/promo/trial/Default.aspx?lpk35=240 )..

        It is not workin !!! … Is there any other way to Access Lynda.com Tutorials .. Thanks in Advance

  13. amna adam

    i amna adam from shad aneed tohop iwet yo please coll me

  14. used tires

    Aww man its too bad this promotion has expired 🙁 I’ve actually see a few Lynda dot com presentations via youtube they were on photoshop lessons and it was quite good!

    Till then,


  15. David

    Please can someone help me out with a valid username and password for an account in lynda.com asap, thanks and God bless

  16. Sumit

    Thanks for Sharing the details guys, Lynda.com Awesome One

  17. osama

    very great post thank you buddy

  18. raj

    If anyone registed with lynda.com.please give me the login or tell where can I download them via Internet