7 responses to “Five Must Have Firefox Extension For a Power Surfer”

  1. Underfloor Heating

    i wanna download videos from youtube but i can’t change the dang file into .flv….how can i change it?

  2. Atul

    going to install soon

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  3. thegands

    What a great list dude. I’m beggining to use read it later, because i often bookmarking so many site and with default fx bookmark feature, i need to load the web again. Its annoying. But by using this extension can save my bandwidth, save my time and save anything. I Love it dude!!!

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  4. Custom term paper

    will KwiClick make our browsing slower ?? i am using stumbleupon and read it later for getting easy and comfortable.
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  5. Christopher Roberts

    They are brilliant extensiton. The videos make the article much better, thanks 😉
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  6. rody @ Satellite Internet

    Firefox browser is my favorite browser as compared with other browser and it supports everything and can open any website. Some other browser can hardly open some site and taking lots of time to open. Having firefox extension for a power Surfer it will be more interesting.
    Five Firefox extensions that are tailor made to satisfy the thirst for information of power surfers.
    Kwiclick is to do things more quickly, interclue means to know more before you click, juice means to do more in order to learn more, StumbleUpon– Who Knew Discovering Random Stuff was This Much Fun, Read It Later – Because Everyone Has a Limit. these is a nice blog which help me out very much and i am looking forward to your blog.