4 responses to “Firefox and Opera Downloaded more than 5 Million Times”

  1. TheAnand

    Cool looking cake and an ideal marketing campaign!!!!

  2. orgthingy

    wow, interesting article 🙂 ! But, I still like FireFox.. the only reason there are many users is because of nintendoDS and Wii users/players (because Mozilla didn’t make browsers for any games)


    oh btw, im an admin of BlueCirclet and after i read your comment i wanted to visit your blog 😉

  3. Siddharth

    Nice cake 🙂
    I dont understand how many downloads 😛
    bcoz even IE 8 beta 1 got huge response 😛
    how can people be crazy abt all three of them 😀 lol
    I think its due to the ever increasing population 😛

  4. ameo

    the latest news i’ve heard that it was officially 8 millions downloads