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  1. Mohammed

    Hmmm….. Sounds intresting, send me the invite 🙂

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    Sounds cool.. send me an invite too… thanks..

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  7. T

    send me one too, lol i was checking this threaded comment thingy

  8. Gaurish Sharma(gary4gar)

    Sound good.
    invite please

  9. ameo

    can’t say that i know my personality but i’m quite sure that some web 2.0 application CAN’T tell me who i am . !!!

  10. Aayush Arya

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    Care to send me an invite too?

  11. Rohan Shenoy

    Looks nice. Pallab, please send me the invite.

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  12. Lavayn

    looks really sweet ive always been interested in personality tests and they all tend to be the same but this one looks to be different an invite would be much appreciated, many thanks

  13. David

    Hey this product sounds very unique as I am learning about personality tests in general. If possible an invite would be great. Thanks

  14. Christopher

    I am fascinated with the concept of this app. An invite, PLEASE…

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  15. Jessica

    sounds interesting, an invite would be much appreciated. thank you. 🙂

  16. salil rane

    looke nice

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  17. Scott

    this seems very enlightening. i want to try the music one
    please send an invite

  18. Karleen

    This seems interesting, would you please send me one?

  19. Alan

    Sounds like it is worth a try, May I get an invite please?

  20. Shankar

    Hmmmm….This seems bit innovative and something which stands apart from other related tests…
    Could you please send me an invite(if you have any invites left)…
    BTW…Nice post..

  21. Street

    Just found you from a Goggle Reader recommendation. Like what I have seen so far and have added you to my daily reading. I am looking forward to looking through your achieves some more.

    That said, if you still have an invite available, I would love one. I am a bit of a personality test junkie. I always enjoy the insights they can provide. That is of course after the grain of salt has been faltered in.


  22. Vijay

    Pls do send me an invite if you’ve got one! Looks interesting!

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    What an awesome sounding app! Looking forward to trying it out, if you would be so kind… 🙂

  28. sam

    ive been interested in this for a while but couldnt find an invite if you could help me out that would be great!

  29. Jorge Ruiz

    I’ve just took it on facbook, great app!
    I want to be part of your beta ..tks !

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    nice… send me an invite plz!

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    hey can someone send me the invitation for signal patterns

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    I’ve been exploring different personality tests and this one sounds neat. Please send me an invite if you still can! Thanks!

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    I think the invites are no more available?