15 responses to “Reinvigorate – Smart Web Metrics”

  1. Bryce

    Yeah, I use Reinvigorate for my blog and it’s fantastic!

  2. Shankar Ganesh

    Reinvigorate’s interface is really lovely.

  3. Nirmal

    Interface looks good, I have not tired it, but heard about this before.

  4. Vijay

    This is the first time I am hearing about it. I’ve got to try this along with Analytics..

  5. Oznob43

    I’d heard of it but never tried it. Maybe I should, but it looks too good to be free.

  6. Links this Sunday — Shankar Ganesh | Tech Blog

    […] has an extensive guide on Reinvigorate – Website Analytics tool: Reinvigorate is a new free web analytics service. It offers everything that a standard website […]

  7. Webd360 Blog

    It looks really nice, but I recently joined Google Analytics and that is just amazing. The new layout is great and they display so much information and it is all really easy to look at.

  8. Benedict Herold

    Just couple of days back I got a beta invite. I’m gonna try this it sounds to be cool.

  9. ReviewSaurus

    I have to say that Reinvigorate is indeed one of the best web metrics service. I find snoop pretty useful as it helps me in finding out that how a reader is navigating the site in real time!

  10. azwanhadzree

    Good review! I registered a few weeks ago and just received the invitation. Would be putting it to my blog soon 🙂

    I got one question though. I’m planning to use it with analytics, will it slow down my site in any way?

  11. azwanhadzree

    Thanks. If that’s the case most probably I’ll install it on another blog. Just to see it’s functionality first.

    I am currently using Google Analytics and StatCounter together.

  12. ReviewSaurus

    I’m sure that you can use this one too along with it! 3 should also be fine. If you do notice some drastic change, then you can take one off. I’ll always suggest you to use reinvigorate!

  13. Venu

    I just bought mint few weeks back, I hope I dont regret is after exploring this web analytics.

  14. Colin Temple

    That is an attractive interface. I’ll have to take it for a spin – thanks for the tip.