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  2. Shaunak De

    Turning off the “Always ON EDGE” and Orientation sensor has made a huge difference for me. (Ok, the Orientation sensor just irritated me, so I turned it off. Not really to conserve battery. :P)

    Also regularly killing unnecessary apps with Advanced Task Killer helps a lot.

    Currently my battery status reads: “1D 10H 33m and 13s” with 25% charge remaining [And me using Aldiko a lot this weekend]

  3. used tires

    That’s interesting that burning in the battery like that causes it to have better performance in the long run, I would of thought the opposite would happen.

    Till then,


    1. Komodo Dragon

      Same here, I had no idea. We learn something new everyday.

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  5. Jesabella

    hey i found this searching for a battery for my droid! now i know what to do when i get the new battery, thanks for sharing!

  6. Jesse Dictor

    I;ve heard of the battery burn out before. Any idea why these batteries are like this? It really doesn;t make sense to me at all.

  7. Essay

    Battery life can be increased by completely unchanging the phone once in a week and then charge it full before use.

  8. Computer Tips Tricks

    The things that really kills my phone’s battery are the “Always on Edge” and “mail fetching”. It improved a lot after disabling these functions.

  9. Sell Textbooks

    Thanks for the info. I am upgrading to an android in a month and was worried about the life of the battery. Is it still true that you should let it charge for 24hrs. the 1st charge to keep the life of the battery good?

  10. Sourish @ Jailbreak Iphone 4

    that is the trouble with android apps , they are not well optimized . its at its nascent stage , gooogle needs to add more attention to the app store of adroid apps

  11. Sell Textbooks

    I agree with you sourish. Google should pay more attention and make there apps work better.

  12. p90x

    The main reason I was planning not to buy an android phone was the battery life. These are some fantastic ideas to extend the battery life, thanks for sharing.

    – Robert

  13. sell textbooks

    thanks for the tips. I have wondered about how to help with battery life of my android.

  14. purchase settlements

    Interesting i never knew about some of this.

  15. emobile_developer

    I liked Eric Schmidt’s advice to manage a day for battery life. Rightly if an adnroid user wants to get real experience of its android phone, he/she needs to get full charged of his/her android phone’s battery. Sometime,it happens that android user don’t know how much the battery has charging and he/she understands by looking at the battery icon, battery is full but actually it is used almost few percentage. Sometime user charges the battery in hurriedness of 10mins or 30 mins and think that battery got charged but there is a standard of charging the battery as like Eric said, he had to charged his Sony Ericsson Xperia X10i, round the clock. Anyway, i pleased to read you won experience and really all the points make clear sense and worth to understand. Thanks for useful tips.

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